About Us

The Bethlehem Music Series is the longest running series of its kind in the Twin Cities area. This year marks our 35th anniversary and promises to be another stellar season of excellent music and artistry.

Originally founded by Artistic Director Maria Bucka, the Music Series has played to over 40,000 people presenting a range of music including Dixieland, Classical Organ, choir concerts, puppeteers, story tellers and much, much more. Although the program changes, what stays constant is the dedication to presenting artistic experiences of the highest quality in a welcoming environment.

Concerts are an interactive experience reflecting the series dedication to education. Prior to each concert, the artists offer insights into their performance and music, answering questions from the audience. These pre-concert talks are unique to the Bethlehem Music Series, and enhance the experience for all audience members.

For further information contact Maria Bucka, Artistic Director at (612) 312-3411.


  • Maria Bucka/Founding Artistic Director
  • Sandra Anderson, Chair
  • Becca Chapin
  • Laurie Gabel
  • Bruce Gerth
  • Susan Haedt
  • Tim Johnson
  • Cleo Kriesel
  • Kristofer Layon
  • Nancy Linsner
  • Lila Mayes
  • Gregg Rotvold
  • Frank Stubbs
  • Jennifer Warner